Sunday, January 22, 2012

Overly Concerned Momma

If any one of you know me really well, my rescue puppy, Khaynin, is my baby. I'm not sure if it is because I found him in such a fragile state or because I nursed him back to health but if even the slightest thing goes wrong with him I'm all a-flutter with tears.

A couple weeks ago I began to noticed Khaynin was limping, not much or very often though. Right away I called up my Dad, he used to show dogs and have kennels. I explained it to him, looked over Khaynin's leg while trying to pinpoint a problem and checked his feet to make sure there was nothing hidden in them. I could find nothing wrong so my Dad told me to watch it but he may have just pulled a muscle.

I continued to watch him like a mother would, he wasn't whining, he never yelped when touched, he continued to run and constantly jump (trying to break him of that habit) like his leg didn't bother him at all. I considered that perhaps he was merely irritating his sore muscle with all his constant jumping but I wasn't too concerned yet.

Within this last week, within the last two days even, his leg took a drastic turn for the worse. He was running to go outside with me, on his way back up our three stairs into our home his leg collapsed on him. He didn't whine, he didn't even make a sound. He continued to try to pull himself up the stairs but couldn't. It moved me to tears. I picked him up and took him inside myself. He's quite the heavy dog too for his age. Since then, I've been watching him even more. I called my Dad instantly in worry and explained the problem. My Dad told me once of a dog he had that was showing similar behaviors to Khaynin, the dog was taken for an X-ray and it was discovered that there was a sowing needle imbedded in it's spine. While my Dad assured me that Khaynin would be quite alright for a few weeks, it was definitely something that needed to be checked out.

I love my puppy, he's a nuisance a times, intrusive, constantly loving attention and to be in my bubble when he doesn't need to be. He hovers around so close it's almost to the point of tripping over him. No matter what he's like, I'm worrying over him like a mother would do, because he is my baby. My mate and I will definitely be rushing him into a vet as soon as possible, for now I'm just consumed with worry and extremely frazzled and distracted. I could really use some positive energy, thanks, everyone. Wish Khaynin luck.

Blessed Be.